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Hair and Shaving

At Bustani Day Spa we have a fully equipped hair salon where we have a highly qualified hair stylist available for all your hair needs. Our services are of the highest standard and will be available to you during our Spa hours.

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Cut and Perm
Ladies Hair Cut 30min KSHS 3,000
Ladies Wash & Blow dry(short, medium and long) 45 -75min KSHS 1800 , 2400 & 3000
Ladies Cut wash & Blow dry 60min KSHS 3,000 – 4000
Wash & Set 60min KSHS 2,500
Fridge Trim 20min KSHS 500
Up style for special occasions 60min KSHS 3500
Kids Hair cut 30min KSHS 1500
Perm winding 90min KSHS 7000 – 8000
Retouch 90min KSHS 5500 – 6500
Flatiron 30min KSHS 2000
Texturizing 60 min KSHS 2000 – 4000
Wash Only 30min KSHS 500
Blow dry only 30 – 45min KSHS 1500 – 2500
Protein Treatment (includes wash & blow dry) 60min KSHS 4000



(all our colours include a wash and blow dry)

Full head High Lights or Low Lights 180min KSHS 12,000
Half Head High Lights or Low Lights 120min KSHS 10,000
Full head Tint 75min KSHS 7500 – 8500
Hair-line Tint 45min KSHS 4500
                    Root Tint                               45min KSHS 5000
Afro Only
Various treatments 60min KSHS 2500 – 3500
Fresh Relaxer 60min KSHS 6,500 – 8,000
Fresh Dreadlocks 240min KSHS 7000 – 12,000
Dreadlocks Retouch 120min KSHS 4500
Sister Locks 240min KSHS 7000 – 12000
Undoing 60min KSHS 1500
Wash & Set 90min KSHS 2000 – 3000
Weaving 120min KSHS 7000

Please Note: For weaving and braiding services we request that you make your booking at least 48 hours prior to the appointment date.

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Gentlemen’s Hair & Shaving

The Mayfair Traditional Wet Shave 30min KSHS 2500

For the ultimate shaving experience, discover being shaved by an expert using Gentlemen’s Tonics’ award-winning products and swathed in steaming hot towels.

The Luxury Wet Shave 60min KSHS 3500

Your face is cleansed, toned, soothed and hydrated in preparation for our ultimate wet shave. Then using the finest ingredients your face is shaved and swathed in steaming hot towels.

Hair Cut & Finish 40min KSHS 2500

Your hair will be cleansed and conditioned, followed by a scalp massage and a haircut and finish.

Hair Cut & The Mayfair Traditional Wet Shave 75min KSHS 5000

Shampoo and conditioning, scalp massage, haircut and finish followed by the ultimate wet shave which uses a variety of products then swathed in steaming hot towels.

Clipper Cut 30min KSHS 1000

Clippers are ideal for shaping and designing and are used to shave your hair to your required length

Beard Trim & Design 30min KSHS 1000

Have your beard designed and shaped using various techniques to create a traditional or modern style.

Children’s Cut (2-14yrs) 30min KSHS 1000

Our barbers are highly qualified and experienced in cutting children’s hair in a calming environment

Father & Son Haircut and Finish 70min KSHS 3000

Perfect for those weekend mornings. Bring your son and come and enjoy a father & Son moment while your hair is being cut and your scalp is treated.


Gentlemen’s Colour
Full Head Permanent Colour 50min KSHS 4500

This colour gives 100% coverage and grows out with your normal hair growth.

Semi – Permanent Colour 40min KSHS 4000

This colour gives minimum coverage that normally lasts between 4 to 6 weeks.

Camo Colour (grey away) 25min KSHS 3500

This is a custom grey camouflage colour service that takes approx. 25 minutes